What Makes it a Track Pad ?

When it comes to brake pads, there are generally two types of pads; street pads and track pads. The main difference between the two is that street pads focus on providing a more comfortable driving experience, while track pads prioritize the ability to provide a greater level of braking performance while supporting high temperatures associated with track driving conditions.

Street brake pads typically feature semi-metallic or ceramic compounds that are designed to provide a smooth and quiet ride, as well as long life. The materials used in these brake pad compositions help reduce wear on rotors while still providing adequate stopping power for street car applications.

Track brake pads, on the other hand, use higher temperature and higher friction composites such as carbon-kevlar for maximum braking performance in extreme conditions. G-Loc’s uses carbon-kevlar materials for their track pad offering which can reduce lap times while still maintaining rotor life through the use of advanced friction modifiers present in the pad composition. In addition, some track brake pad offerings also utilize special cooling technologies to help prevent heat buildup during extended periods of heavy braking at the track. These cooling technologies can include air channels or thermal barrier coatings which allow heat to escape from the surface of the pad rather than transferring it back into the rotor.

Overall, there is a large difference between street and track brake pads, with each type having its own set of benefits depending on your specific needs. Street brake pads are great for everyday driving where comfort and longevity are important factors; whereas, track brakes offer superior performance on higher speed applications by providing superior stopping power without sacrificing rotor life due to increased temperatures caused by sustained harsh braking conditions associated with racing environments.

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