Unleash the power of your performance vehicle with Garmin Catalyst, the revolutionary aftermarket technology. It's making waves on tracks all over by providing an affordable and powerful way to upgrade any driver’s experience! With its intuitive touchscreen display and built-in sensors plus a remote camera feature - you get instant feedback every lap so you can make adjustments in real time for optimal track success.

What Makes it a Track Pad ?

Are you looking to upgrade your vehicle's brakes? Then look no further than Eaton Motorsport for your next brake pads. Discover the advantages they can offer, from increased stopping power to improved grip while cornering. Learn what factors make these track pads great and how they differ from regular brake pads! Whether it be racing or your very first HPDE, let Eaton motorsports help give you that extra edge on the tracks – but make sure you know all there is before taking off with them!

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